Salted Egg Sauce
Salted Egg Sauce


Salted Egg Sauce


Shelf Life: 9 months

Type: Frozen

Packing: 200g/pkt


EXCLUSIVELY in selected OLDTOWN outlets across Malaysia!!

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ØUsed as a dipping sauce to enhance the taste and flavors of the food.
ØBy adding vegetables or protein, conveniently turned into a dish at any time, thus time-saving and effort to prepare the ingredients from scratch.
Dipping Sauce - Chicken/Prawn/Squid
1) Prepare 300gm of debone chicken whole legs, well clean and remove the excess fat.
2) Cut the chicken whole leg into a cube, and seasoning some salt, pepper, sesame oil, and chicken stock powder. Set aside for 5-10 mins.
3) Pre-heat the deep-fried oil until 180'c.
4) Fully well-coated chicken cube with corn flour before fried.
5) Add in the coated chicken cube into hot oil and deep-fried for 3-4 mins.
6) Remove the chicken cube from hot oil, set aside.
7) Pour out the reheat salted egg sauce into a bowl. Set it as a dipping sauce.



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