EK Noodle Sauce
EK Noodle Sauce


EK Noodle Sauce

Category: Ready To Dish (RTD)



Shelf Life: 9 months

Type: Frozen

Packing: 200g/pkt


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ØUsed as a dipping sauce to enhance the taste and flavors of the food.
ØBy adding vegetables or protein, conveniently turned into a dish at any time, thus time-saving and effort to prepare the ingredients from scratch.
Stir-Fried (1-2 pax)
1) Prepare yellow noodle/kuey tiao/meehoon (200-250gm).
2) Prepare chopped garlic, chicken/seafood (60-70gm), bean sprouts (40-50gm), green vegetables (20-30gm).
3) Heat up frying pan/wok with 20-30ml cooking oil.
4) Add in chicken/seafood quick stir-fried for a few seconds.
5) Add in chopped garlic and stir-fried for a few seconds.
6) Add in 1 raw egg and continue to stir-fried until cooked (this is to avoid the noodle stick on the frying pan/wok).
7) Add in noodles, and add in 2-3tbsp of EK Noodle Sauce and stir well (gently) until all the ingredients are well coated with the sauce.
8) Add in beans sprout, green vegetable, and 2-3 shakes of white pepper, and continue to stir-fried for 1-2 minutes.
Non-Stir-Fried (1-2 pax)
1) Prepare yellow noodle/kuey tiao/meehoon (200-250gm).
2) Prepare cut fish cake (10-12pcs), cooked prawn/chicken (60-70gm).
3) Add noodles into the boiling water, and remove the excess water for 2-3 seconds.
4) Place the noodles into a clean bowl, and add in 2-3tbsp of EK Noodle Sauce, 2tbsp fragrant oil (garlic oil/shallot oil/Emperor's oil).
5) Stir well with the noodles and sauce until fully coated.
6) Garnish with cut fish cake, cooked prawn/chicken, and spring onion (optional).

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